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Top Ten Apps That Everybody Needs On Their iPad |

Top Ten Apps That Everybody Needs On Their iPad

Top Ten Apps That Everybody Needs On Their iPad

If you have left your iPad gathering dust on the shelf, it is time to change that. Give your iPad a new lease of life by downloading some of  the best apps for it. Sometimes when people have had the same gadget for a while, they stop using it. Don’t do that. Get some new (free) apps and start using your iPad once again. If you are wondering which apps to download, wonder no more. Here are the top ten apps that everybody should have on their iPad.

  1. Crackle

If you’re a movie fan, you will love Crackle. The app allows you to stream movies straight to your iPad with no subscription fees. Every month, you can find new TV shows and films on the app.

  1. Spotify

Why bother paying for music when you can hear it for free? If you download Spotify on your iPad, you can listen to the newest music wherever you are. If you get the standard Spotify package (free), you can listen to music but can’t save it to offline mode. If you pay for the premium package, you can save music and create playlists.

  1. Google Chrome

Everybody knows that Safari has a few bugs. Safari comes as standard on iPads but is by no means the best browser out there. You should do yourself a favor and download Chrome for your iPad instead. Browsing the internet will be much easier when you use Chrome.

  1. Pimp Your Screen

You want your iPad to look individual to you. That means that you should spend a little extra time making the screen look cool. Pimp Your Screen is a great little app that has loads of free backgrounds and themes for your iPad.


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  1. Skype

If you want a free way to communicate with people, you have to get Skype. If you already have a Skype login, you can use it when you download the app to your iPad. Skype allows you to make video and audio calls to other Skype users.

  1. 7 Minute Workout

We could all do with doing a little more exercise every day. If you are bad at keeping up a regular exercise routine, you should consider downloading the 7 Minute Workout app. The app has plenty of quick (well, seven minute long) workouts for you. Start getting healthy now by working-out every day.

  1. Evernote Food

Everybody knows about Evernote but have you heard of Evernote Food? The cool new app allows you to save recipes across a wide range of devices. You can use your Evernote login to save recipes to your iPad. You can access the recipes from any device, so long as you have your username and password.

  1. Live City Events

When you’re visiting a new city, it can be hard to figure out where the best events are. Live City Events has event information about most of the major cities in the US. If you download the app to your iPad, you can find out about music events in every city you visit.

  1. IMDb

When you’re watching a film and can’t figure out who a certain actor is, you can use your IMDb app to find out. The massive database has all the information you need about films and actors. Having the app on your iPad makes looking up facts easy and convenient.

  1. Audible

If you love books, but don’t always feel like reading, you should try Audible. The app stores a range of audio books for you on your iPad. Each book has a different narrator. You can listen to your favorite books on the go with this great app.


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